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2011 RRSP Deadline

Share The deadline for making a 2011 RRSP contribution is February 29, 2012. Making that contribution can save you anywhere from hundreds in taxes to over $10,000 depending on your province and tax bracket. Plus, you’ll enjoy the tax-deferred long-term growth of that investment while it sits in your RRSP. The challenge for some, however, [...]

Canada’s New Real Estate Rules For Home Buyers

Share The Canadian Government has recently implemented new real estate rules for home buyers every Canadian should learn about and understand. These new rules are designed to discourage potential home buyers from acquiring a mortgage they could never afford to repay in the event there was an increase in interest rates. Finance Minister Flaherty announced [...]

Going Alone And Selling Your Home

Share You may want to sell your house on your own considering the high prices you will have to pay otherwise. 1.5 million people decided to go agent-free and sell there homes on their own last year. Consider it if you have experience and have sold property many times, but for a beginner the use [...]

Should You Use An Agent

Share When is comes to selling a property of yours including your home or investment property such as a house and land packages their are a few ways to go about it . You can use either a Real Estate agent or you can sell the property yourself. The best option is of course to [...]

Mortgages, Whats In It For You

Share Perhaps the biggest dream for all of us is to live in our own home. Your mortgage payments almost always cover most of your income. When all is said and done, your own place is definitely worth the mortgage loan. Rent is always dead money and the same money you pay every week or [...]

Spring 2010 is the time to purchase homes

Share WhenAmerica moves great distances, theyset out by researching the area on the on various search engines . More often than not, they find us. If they’re serious about owning a home , they’ll ask for asssitance . Do to an increased demand; we needsomeone in your areato assist these potential home purchasers. If you [...]

Things A Home Inspection Should Include

Share    A complete home inspection includes a visual examination of the home from roof to the foundation. The home inspector assesses the state of the structure, roof, foundation, drainage, plumbing, heating and cooling systems, visible insulation, walls, windows, and doors. Only those things that are visible and are  readily accessed will be part of in the inspection. [...]

Figure Out Your Mortgage Payment – Buying a Home

Share mortgage refinance Millions of people could escape from the grips of the rent demons if they only knew the truth. Unfortunately, many potential first time home buyers are the victims of myths and misinformation generously given by well meaning friends, relatives, and coworkers. juegos   To have a clearer view of this issue, it is [...]

Why It Is Best To Have Your Own Home

Share What is the most common advice we hear from our family and friends after knowing we’ve been renting a place for some time?  More often than not, “You should buy a home” is what we hear them say. You probably listen and wonder if you finally decide to buy one. And why should you?  [...]

How To Market Your Rental property For Free

Share Marketing your investment letting property requires only a few decisions.  How much rent to ask, wherever to publicise, the duration of your letting, betterments to be made and do you need to stage the property?  The answers to these questions also depend on the current market environment.    Determining the request rent is the [...]