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Fourth Quarter Earnings

Share The fourth quarter earnings season brought good tidings to certain banks, including TD and RBC who saw profits double. In the Big 6 banks’ lending segments, however, many continued to report declining loan margins as Canada’s low rate environment persists. Below are various mortgage tidbits that we pulled from the major banks’ Q4 reports: [...]

What is a High Ratio Mortgage?

Share High ratio mortgages are available for traditional residential homes, investment properties, and multi-unit residential complexes such as apartment buildings. On residential homes, a high ratio mortgage is one that exceeds 80% of the associated real estate security for qualified income applicants. For those self-employed borrowers seeking financing on low-doc programs, a high ratio mortgage [...]

Spam Bill C-28

Share Canada recently enacted a new anti-spam law called Bill C-28. It’s expected to come into force later this year. Proponents say C-28 will lighten the spam load on all of us. At the same time, it could turn many businesspeople into spammers themselves! As a mortgage broker in Toronto, for example, it’s not uncommon to [...]