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Toronto’s Glass Condos…Beware!

Share Many of the glass condominium towers filling up the Toronto skyline will fail 15 to 25 years after they’re built, perhaps even earlier, and will need retrofits costing millions of dollars, say some industry experts. Buyers drawn to glass-walled condos because of the price and spectacular views may soon find themselves grappling with major [...]

Canada Bubble Seen As IMF Risk With Record Low Rates: Mortgages

Share Jan. 17 (Bloomberg) — Kevin Lau, a Toronto-based technology consultant, says he can’t wait to take advantage of the lowest mortgage rates in Canadian history to buy a second condominium and rent his current home. Lau, 28, plans to get another mortgage and refinance his C$160,000 ($157,000) home loan after Bank of Montreal, Toronto- [...]

2011 RRSP Deadline

Share The deadline for making a 2011 RRSP contribution is February 29, 2012. Making that contribution can save you anywhere from hundreds in taxes to over $10,000 depending on your province and tax bracket. Plus, you’ll enjoy the tax-deferred long-term growth of that investment while it sits in your RRSP. The challenge for some, however, [...]