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Top 10 Effects Of The New Mortgage Rules

Share We may not go 10 for 10, but crystal ball-gazing is fun nonetheless. In this humble of spirits, we present ten trends to watch out for in 2011, courtesy ofFlaherty & Co.’s new mortgage regime: Lower purchase and refinance demand will depress mortgage volumes, sparking greater rate competition as lenders battle for less business [...]

Buying a home is about to get tougher

Share The federal Conservative government is expected on Monday to introduce new rules aimed at toughening up mortgage lending in an effort to curb further growth in record household debt levels. The key change Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is likely to unveil is a cut in the maximum amortization period, to 30 years from 35 [...]

Lower Posted Rates – More Than Meets The Eye

Share Last November the banks decided not to raise their 5-year posted mortgage rates, despite raising their discounted rates. Their stated reasoning was to bring posted rates more in line with discounted rates. In that way, their posted rates would appear more competitive. As we wrote before, however, the decision had far greater implications than that. [...]