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1 to 12 Selling Your Home Tips

Share 1. Pay close attention to the market! You will have a better chance of selling home sale by owner at the price you want if the current housing market is hot . Remember , if you sell in a hot market, you will most likely be buying in the same market . Make sure [...]

A bubbly market: How Vancouver condos continue to rise despite economic woes

Share Vancouver has become among of Canada’s beloved cities and for all the right reasons - this  incredible  city offers a rich and fulfilling lifestyle that few places can  compete with . For people who are lucky enough to be considering a move to Vancouver, they should consider living in Vancouver condos as they provide you easy access [...]

5 Steps to Take Before You Market Your Home

Share Selling your house is a very important transaction for most people . You have probably heard commercials say it to the point of nauseam, “Buying a house is the biggest investment you will ever make.” While I disagree that buying your house is the biggest investment you will ever make, I do believe that [...]

Great Home Inspection Advice

Share It is a very rare occurrence that a home is purchased without a home inspection done first.  If the seller had their listing listed in “as is” condition does not mean that first an inspection can first be done.  If you are interested in a house that the bank owned you must be sure [...]

Homeowners Can Make An Adverse Remortgage Work For Them

Share It’s probably unsurprising that if you have bad credit, you’re going to have a very hard time finding anyone who will lend money to you – especially with the way this economy looks. However, what about those who have mortgage loans and other credit already extended who find that they are falling behind and [...]

Why Having A Beachfront Property Important To You

Share “For the sea calms the soul and everyone who looks at it are stilled by its magnitude.” Where else would you find a place of ultimate relaxation and well-being?  Images of clear blue skies and beautiful tropical blue waters bring a different kind of feeling that is calming to the nerves.  Moreover, water is [...]

The Best Mortgage Rates Today – How To Find And Use Them Right

Share The most beneficial  mortgage rates today might not be the most useful for tomorrow or the day after. The overall economy is still in a downturn.Certainly, it is impossible to be accurate entirely with home loan rate predictions, but 1 can absolutely forecast the rates within less or more broad range. To begin with [...]

How a Mortgage Audit Can Save Your Home From Foreclosure

Share If the possibility of losing your home to foreclosure has sent you into a panic, you’re not alone . Our country’s sunken job market has made the housing crisis even more acute, and thousands of families are feeling desperate and convinced they are without help . But there is hope for them. . For [...]

Refinance Mortgage Rates Are One Of The Best Ways To Make Your Live More Flexible

Share Refinance mortgage rate is the preferred fee readily available to qualified homeowners for refinancing their current dwelling house loan. Refinance mortgage rates vary from product to merchandise and consumer to consumer. A consumer with excellent credit will qualify for the pretty lowest and best refinance mortgage rate. On the other hand if you have [...]

Canadian Housing Market is on the Comeback Trail

Share The pent-up demand for reasonably priced residential assets will ultimately be released, and this can activate a snowballing reaction where sales across all segments will lastly reach positive territory. This circumstances is no longer a pipe dream as we are now seeing biggest  and simultaneous indicators that Canada’s real estate industry has now moved [...]